22 May 2012


mayflowersGender: Feminine
Usage: Albanian
Meaning: “born in May”

This pretty May name from the Balkans consists of two elements: maj — simply the Albanian name for the month of May, combined with some derivative of the verb lind “to bear (child), give birth to.”

(The second element makes her a relative of Lindita, meaning “the day is born,” Mirlinda “well born,” Rilinda “born again” and Arlinda “born of gold.”)

Dr. Majlinda Bregu (born 19 May 1974) is Albania’s photogenic Minister of European Integration (she says: “Albania has a strong European perspective and clearly sees its future as a member of the EU”).

Other forms include:
  • Majlindë (a variant)
  • Majlind, Majlindi (masculine)

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